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our philosophy

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Movement classes, wellness services and personal retreat time by day —  

Community, self-development workshops and culture by night!

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What is Harmonia?

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"Harmonia is perfectly named as an enriching, peaceful space nurturing deep relationships in harmony with our values and vision for living a purposeful life." Stuart Rudick, member

April 27, 2016

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We believe in serendipitous moments; things happen for a reason more often than not.

We believe in living well; inner beauty can also radiate on the outside.


We believe that touches of luxury make life more fun.

We believe in the mystery of fortune found in green tea leaves, and in a glass of red wine.

We believe in taking off your shoes to enlighten your soul, and so as to not get the floor dirty.

We believe in bringing the beauty found in nature inside.

We believe in chocolate cake, kombucha, french fries and organic greens. It’s all about moderation.

We believe in taking dance breaks and lunch breaks.

We believe that you should never stop playing.

Tel: 415-332-1432  |  Email: info@harmoniamarin.com


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